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With First Hand Spanish you will learn fast and from home.  My name is Borja, and I teach Spanish to travelers and professionals. My lessons are always tailored to your specific goals and availability. With my help you will attain fluency in Spanish, but above all, the confidence to speak with spanish speakers.

First hand spanish lessons for your needs

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First Hand Spanish


Real life conversation tailored to your needs. Whether you want to travel, learn spanish for your daily life or improve you career opportunities, this is your space. If you need a specific plan, do not hesitate to contact me.

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All the materials are adapted to your situation. Readings, exercises, videos, music, games and other resources will help your learning process in an efficient and stimulating way. In addition to that, you can check my blog for free activities and materials.

Borja learn with your hands

Your hands

A unique way of learning Spanish while also having fun. This method will help you memorize the main aspects of Spanish grammar in a simple way. Due to the confidence of my students I have been a Top Pro in Thumbtack for two years.

After my first lessons with Borja I’m even more excited about learning Spanish! On a professional level I like his varied approach to learning and consideration of learning styles, combining conversation (from day 1!) with visuals and sign language, and memorization with interactive worksheets and activities, always being sure to incorporate my life and the things he learns are important to me. Also on a personal level he’s warm and flexible, and likes to laugh and be silly, a necessity in my experience to power through the constant and sometimes demoralizing micro failures of learning a language. Ryann

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