Spanish conversation groups

Practice your conversation in the group you prefer

Very well, I have already learned the grammar, the vocabulary … And now how do I practice my conversation?

If you have ever thought that, I have good news: there are hundreds of people from all over the world who want to practice your Spanish with you. For this reason, I have created conversation groups in which you can talk freely with other students of your same level. In each group you can meet people from other countries and talk about interesting topics. Every week we do different activities like exercises, recordings, games,etc. In addition, I’ll help you to correct your mistakes and solve your doubts. Although the other participants will also do it!

The group is a diverse and inclusive space in which we can all learn many things, beyond Spanish. For it to work it is necessary to be respectful with the other participants to create an atmosphere of learning and growth.

To participate, you will have to download the Telegram application. It is not as well known as Whatsapp or Facebook, but with Telegram nobody will be able to see your phone number or other personal information. For me it is important that you can maintain your privacy. Also when you have it, you can connect from your computer without having your phone nearby. Here you can download the app for the cellphone and for desktop.

Now you just have to click on one of the groups that appear below and … that’s it! You can start practicing your Spanish.


Para principiantes. Practicaremos con frases cortas y la gramática que conoces y más usas.

For beginners. We will practice with short phrases, simple vocabulary and the grammar you know and use most.


Aquí encontrarás conversaciones en diferentes contextos y situaciones. Nos expresaremos con frases más largas y complejas.


Para los magos del español. Hablaremos sobre cualquier cosa: temas de actualidad, tus intereses, la curvatura del cuerno del rinoceronte…


To participate you only need a Telegram account and a computer, cell or tablet

How do I start?

Click the conversation group  in which you want to participate, then say hello and introduce yourself.

What can I talk about?

You can talk about any topic, always in Spanish and with respect to the other participants. It is a space to learn, but also to share and enjoy the language

My friend wants to learn Spanish, can he/she participate?

Yes, the group is open to anyone who wants to learn Spanish, as long as the rules of participation are followed

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free, and you can participate in as many conversations  as you want. If you are also interested in customized Spanish lessons click here.

OMG I'm going to make so many mistakes

Don’t worry! If you make mistakes it means you are practicing and improving your Spanish. Also I will correct you whenever I can in the following way:

Estudiante: Me gusta el paella

Profesor: “Me gusta el paella” la paella
Other students can also correct you, and you can correct them.

Let’s practice Together

If you have any question about the groups, the Spanish lessons or any other thing don’t hesitate to contact me.