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First Hand Spanish 

Clases de español online adaptadas a tus necesidades

¡Hola, hola! ¿Te encantaría aprender español pero te parece aburrido? Conmigo vas a disfrutar de cada clase y a comprobar tu progreso desde el primer día. Si quieres una clase de prueba gratis, escríbeme 🙂

¿Cómo puedo ayudarte?

First Hand Spanish - clases de español

Clases personalizadas adaptadas a tus necesidades. Si quieres aprender español para viajar, por tu trabajo o simplemente porque te gusta, estaré encantado de ayudarte.

First Hand Spanish - blog

Cada semana un nuevo artículo con ejercicios interactivos para mejorar tu español. Además, si te suscribes al boletín de First Hand Spanish te avisaré cuando haya algo nuevo.

First Hand Spanish - materiales de español

Aquí podrás encontrar todos los materiales de First Hand Spanish: unidades didácticas, juegos, infografías y ejercicios para practicar el español de una forma divertida. 

¿Qué dicen mis estudiantes de mis clases?

After my first lessons with Borja I’m even more excited about learning Spanish! On a professional level I like his varied approach to learning and consideration of learning styles, combining conversation (from day 1!) with visuals and sign language, and memorization with interactive worksheets and activities, always being sure to incorporate my life and the things he learns are important to me. Also on a personal level he’s warm and flexible, and likes to laugh and be silly, a necessity in my experience to power through the constant and sometimes demoralizing micro failures of learning a language.


Web designer

Borja is amazing! I did Spanish classes for a year with Borja and my Spanish improved significantly. I can’t recommend him enough. In fact, I have recommended him to everyone I know and now my cousins and a coworker do classes with him. I am now able to watch TV shows and speak conversationally with anyone in Spanish. I loved how each class had a different topic whether it was current events, movies, or specific areas of Spanish I wanted to work on. Borja really makes an effort to tailor each class to your needs. He’s also hilarious and each class is super fun!


Software Engineer and Artist

I want to say «muchas gracias», Borja. You are prompt, patient and helpful. I could not ask for more from a teacher. I am just learning Spanish but have already started feeling comfortable with the basics after 4 lessons. I highly recommend Borja for anyone starting out to learn Spanish or wanting to take their skills to the next level.


President of sales

Borja has been teaching me Spanish for a few months now. He is professional, courteous, and caters the class to my needs and ability. I would recommend Borja to anyone wishing to learn Spanish. My Argentinian mother-in-law tells me my Spanish has improved immensely.


Director of Special Effects