Borja has been teaching me Spanish for a few months now. He is professional, courteous, and caters the class to my needs and ability. I would recommend Borja to anyone wishing to learn Spanish. My Argentinian mother-in-law tells me my Spanish has improved immensely.


Director of Special Effects

Borja, is flexible to your knowledge of Spanish (or lack thereof) and to your schedule. I consider myself a very busy person, but am able to make time learning Spanish in a efficient and down-to-earth environment with Borja. His professionalism and good sense of humor go a long way.


Urban planner

Borja is organized and very attentive to the individual’s overall knowledge of the language. He tailors each lesson to the student’s pace. Lessons are jam packed and very interactive leading to a faster understanding of the language. Highly recommended. Looking forward to continuing lessons with Borja.


Borja, I want to say «muchas gracias». You are prompt, patient and helpful. I could not ask for more from a teacher. I am just learning Spanish but have already started feeling comfortable with the basics after 4 lessons. I highly recommend Borja for anyone starting out to learn Spanish or wanting to take their skills to the next level.


President of sales

He has been my Spanish tutor for more than 6 months, and he is the best tutor that I’ve ever had. (1) He prepares every class, explains everything well in a detailed way, and leaves homework that he will go over with me next time. Also, he is willing to answer questions at anytime he is available. (2) He is from Spain and is knowledgeable with the language as well as the education of the language, e.g. he reads a lot and share some of them as course material. (3) Listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, gramma are taught in an awesome, sometime funny way, for example, games are often seen in his class and they help a lot in understanding the new words and gramma. (4) He is never late for the class for even 1 minute, never misses a class, and never terminate any class earlier than it should be.



 As I am living and working in Nicaragua for 6 months, for me the most important was to be able to lead conversations with locals. Therefore we spoke a lot in Spanish during our Skype session where we discussed actual experiences of travelling and the life here and he helped me to improve my descriptions. As I learned basic Spanish by myself I wanted to improve the grammar because I still have problems with the verbs. We are about to solve this problem, «poco a poco». I also got material to train and improve my Spanish by myself and we are reviewing the homework I do after each lesson every week.


NGO volunteer in Nicaragua

Borja was immediately immersive into the lesson with the use of Spanish methods of introduction and understanding formal vs informal tense. I have a busy schedule so getting directly to the material and his adaptability to understand my learning methods and rate of retention are greatly appreciated. I look forward to future lessons and becoming conversational in the Spanish language very soon thanks to Borja.


Director, Solar Division

Over the past year of classes with Borja I have seen a drastic improvement in my ability to speak, write, and read in Spanish. I recommend Borja to anyone of any level who wants to improve speaking, writing, reading, or grammar with someone who is extremely approachable and offers fun and engaging classes.


Business student

Borja is amazing! I did Spanish classes for a year with Borja and my Spanish improved significantly. I can’t recommend him enough. In fact, I have recommended him to everyone I know and now my cousins and a coworker do classes with him. I am now able to watch TV shows and speak conversationally with anyone in Spanish. I loved how each class had a different topic whether it was current events, movies, or specific areas of Spanish I wanted to work on. Borja really makes an effort to tailor each class to your needs. He’s also hilarious and each class is super fun!


Software Engineer and Artist